Where do Nutshell's colors come from?

Where do Nutshell's colors come from?

Every Nutshell tells a story about the Philippines, from the coconut farmers who cultivated the fibers to the beautiful landscapes that inspired the colors. We hope your Nutshell Cooler can transport you to these places--the beaches, islands, reefs, and seas that mark our coolers in name and spirit.

Sulu Sea

Sulu Sea landscape

The Sulu Sea shines green off the coast of Palawan and falls into inky blackness off Zamboanga, but our first glimpse was a warm, translucent turquoise from the fishing village of Libertad. Parrot fish munched on coral and mackerel schooled just a few meters offshore as fishermen enjoyed an afternoon siesta in the shacks facing the sea. We had come on business, but the allure of this bright blue bay was too much to resist: we had to jump in.


Binacas Beach

Binacas Beach landscape

Binacas Beach is a hidden oasis on a tiny island that tourists don’t visit and few Filipinos know. But for those who catch the early bus, time the unpredictable ferry, borrow the sputtering scooter, and walk down the unmarked path, a sublime vista awaits: A mile of empty beach the color of caramel, with palm trees sprouting out of brown coconuts here and there, providing patches of shade from which to admire a sea that stretches unbroken to the horizon. To complete the mirage, a man eventually appears holding a machete and a coconut. The caretaker of this slice of paradise is Jun-Jun, who never accepts a centavo for sharing nature’s bounty on the beach.


Laguna Lake

Laguna Lake landscape

Laguna Lake comes alive during monsoon season when the water seems to flow upwards and the divide between clouds, rain, and reservoir blurs. Everything takes on a glossy gray-blue hue. Some people retreat inside when the skies open up, but fishermen set out for fish that practically swim into their waterlogged boats, and kids soaked to the bone splash in the dark blue waves with glee.


Verde Island

Verde Island landscape

A speck of beach and palm between Luzon and Mindoro, Verde Island is known for the extraordinary biodiversity of its waters and the strong currents that sweep past its reefs. Very few make it to shore. Those who do are treated to the entire spectrum of colors contained between pacific blue and palm frond green. Gliding slowly into port, the water turns teal, then turquoise, then aquamarine--the last few feet of sea reflecting the island’s lush vegetation that rises above. 


Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay landscape

Just the other side of the Santa Cruz Mountains from Stanford University, Half Moon Bay looks and feels far, far away from its Silicon Valley neighbors. When four graduate students started making the 30 minute drive in early 2018, they never could have guessed that their research on the drizzly docks and barnacled boats would lead them to coconut plantations and factories 7,000 miles away. Half Moon Bay Nutshells celebrate this unlikely and beautiful blend of cultures and colors–stormy Laguna meets vibrant Verde. 


Do you have any color requests or meaningful destinations that could inspire our next foldable, portable coolers made from natural fiber insulation? Let us know in the comment section!  

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