• A Nutshell Cooler!

    We'll send you a Nutshell Cooler to take on all your picnic adventures, as well as new Nutshell products, merch, and other surprise gifts!

  • Behind-the-Scenes

    You'll be invited to join design brainstorms, test samples, meet the team, etc. We want you to get an in depth look into our company so you can share your honest insights and advice!

  • Events and perks

    We will treat you to special events, like sponsored picnics, exclusive launches, hikes, brand collabs, and more. Plus you'll get to share these perks, discounts, and more with your communities!

  • Feedback

    You'll have a first look at our products and an inside look behind-the-scenes, so we want to hear your feedback on our designs, our materials, our campaigns, and everything else you think we can improve on to make Nutshell the best it can be!

  • Content

    You can take your Nutshell Cooler with you on a hike, to the park, skiing, grocery shopping – the world is your oyster! We want you to have fun with our products and we'd like to see what that means to you with photos, videos, and words!

  • Community

    We would like to coordinate Nutshell-sponsored events and collabs in your local community to get people outdoors, weather that means a potluck in your backyard, a zoom session on backpacking prep, best picnic recipes, or a camping trip at a National Park.