6 Things You Should Know About Day of the Dead–the Philippines Version

6 Things You Should Know About Day of the Dead–the Philippines Version


On November 1, All Saints' Day is celebrated in the Philippines, and across the world. It's a day to commemorate the lives of loved ones with family, sharing memories of those who have passed, and honoring traditions.

Here are 6 facts about Day of the Dead, the Philippines version


1. In the Philippines, this holiday has three names: Araw Ng Mga Patay (Day of the Dead), Todos Los Santos (All Saints Day), or Undas.


2. Just like most holidays, food is very important on this day, and many prepare ahead by making the favorite dishes of their deceased family members.


3. One of the most popular foods eaten on Undas is Kakanin, a dessert made with sticky rice and coconut milk. A Nutshell favorite is biko, the brown sugar flavor.

 Kakanin (Rice cakes)


4. A popular Undas tradition is to clear the cemetery of weeds and overgrowth, and decorate graves with flowers and candles to honor those who have passed.


5. Filipinos usually choose white flowers since the absence of color is a reminder that it's a solemn day. However, it's also common to honor the dead by celebrating their life with food, music, and joy!


6. Across the world, Day of the Dead is celebrated with a night-time picnic at the cemetery. So if you're feeling up to it, make that special family recipe, pack it in your Nutshell, and get your family together for a night of storytelling and remembrance!


Does your family or your country have any special Day of the Dead traditions? Let us know in the comments!



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